The Ugly Truth About Waiting Until the New Year To Start a New Job (& Christmas Giveaway!)

Posted by Megan Barrow on 01-Dec-2017 12:00:00

Traditionally, the run up to Christmas has been an extremely busy period in the Ascent People office. Candidates are looking to secure a new role and enjoy Christmas with security, whilst managers are looking to fill gaps and use the recruitment budget up before the new year.

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Why Do Tech Startups Fail?

Posted by Nadine Bramley on 23-Nov-2017 13:33:13

It’s not easy getting a tech startup off the ground. Things aren’t like they were five or ten years ago, the tech environment has gotten more competitive, but the same was said then too. So with tried and tested blueprints for tech success already written, why do tech startups fail?

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IT Jobs Report October - Rise In Salaries Creating Excellent Job Packages Before Christmas

Posted by Megan Barrow on 20-Nov-2017 11:48:20

Growth in permanent placements continued last month but at the slowest pace in 6 months. There hasn't been a change in the availability of permanent and temporary workers during October, as both remained lower than ever.

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10 .NET Developer Blogs You Should Be Reading

Posted by Jo Bevington on 15-Nov-2017 14:30:01

In a parallel universe somewhere Microsoft is the prelude to the post-apocalyptic AI Terminator world of Skynet (surely soon rebranded as Sky.NET?). The fact is Microsoft still continues to dominate in this world, so .NET knowhow becomes more important than ever.

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How To Discuss Salary Expectations In An Interview?

Posted by Nadine Bramley on 07-Nov-2017 12:47:12
You did all of your preparation for the interview. You researched the company, prepared some questions and ironed your best shirt.
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Technical Testing: How can it help you?

Posted by Megan Barrow on 31-Oct-2017 11:03:52

Technical tests are a common in many recruitment processes within the tech industry. Some agree with the practice, others don't; but if you are anticipating technical testing in job interviews, it pays to be prepared.

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How Is Machine Learning Going To Affect Recruitment?

Posted by Megan Barrow on 25-Oct-2017 13:23:55

It is estimated that over half of businesses expect their hiring to increase significantly over the next 12 months. Does this mean the recruitment gap will be filled by something other than simply adding the number of agencies tasked with searching the same databases? Is that something else going to be machine learning, and if so how is machine learning going to affect recruitment?

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IT Jobs Report September - Automation Testers and Developers Still in Demand as Permanent Placements Drop

Posted by Megan Barrow on 18-Oct-2017 11:00:00

Compared to the previous month, September's permanent placements slipped, with numbers growing at the slowest pace in the past 5 months. However, temp/contract placements continued to rise as companies attempt to fill the void as they hunt for the right permanent staff.

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Has Gender Diversity Improved in Tech Recruitment?

Posted by Jo Bevington on 13-Oct-2017 13:15:21

Gender diversity in Tech is a hot topic right now, not just because there is much-needed focus on equal pay and a declining talent pool, but have we seen an improvement in gender diversity in IT and Tech recruitment?

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One Year On: How Brexit Has Affected The Tech Industry?

Posted by Nadine Bramley on 02-Oct-2017 14:03:15

Brexit. IT. One year on. Where do we find ourselves and when can the UK tech industry take its next step? As the IT recruitment industry shows, it is a difficult time for tech employers.

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