IT Jobs Report July/August - It’s go time to look for a new IT career!

Posted by Ascent People on 01-Aug-2018 11:37:16

According to the latest industry figures for the IT jobs market, now certainly looks like the ideal time to look for and accept a new IT role.

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The Best .NET Developer Blogs Of 2018

Posted by Jo Bevington on 19-Jun-2018 12:06:00


The Microsoft framework remains popular. To keep up with the changing .NET landscape you've probably come across some of these .NET bloggers. To stay at the cutting edge of we've updated our list and added more .NET blogs to give you the best .NET blogs of 2018.

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IT Jobs Report May - IT Salaries Matching Inflation

Posted by Ascent People on 18-May-2018 12:53:05

There are three important points identified in the IT jobs report figures out this month. The first is that temp placements are outpacing permanent; the second is a clear growth in demand for IT staff; and the third is their combined effect on wage demands.

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Why You Need To Be Technical Testing When Hiring Developers

Posted by Jo Bevington on 02-May-2018 16:49:14

"The CV looks great, but can they write great code?" How do you answer this essential IT job interview question?

Finding your next IT hire is more than just reading their CV, because a CV doesn't show coding ability. Discover how Technical Testing can help you recruit better developers.

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How To Write The Perfect Tech CV

Posted by Nadine Bramley on 01-May-2018 14:09:47

Your CV is a like a big neon sign highlighting your most relevant skills and experiences. It tells a prospective employer why YOU are the perfect candidate for THEIR job.

Is yours doing you a favour?

Here’s how to write the perfect tech CV.

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IT Jobs Report April - Candidates Penalised For Staying Loyal

Posted by Ascent People on 25-Apr-2018 16:31:06

If it’s more of the same you want then the findings from the latest survey on IT jobs proves what we have indicated for a while now: the demand for Tech staff has risen once again, but the candidate pool, like reservoirs in the desert, continues to get smaller.

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Are Graduate Salaries On The Rise?

Posted by Jo Bevington on 18-Apr-2018 15:38:04

Look grads, we get it. We know you don’t study for four years - investing heavily in the contents of the student union beer cellar - for nothing. When you come out with a degree in software engineering, you only want know one thing: ‘How much will I earn?’

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IT Jobs Report February - Apprenticeships Needed To Fill Talent Gap

Posted by Megan Barrow on 12-Mar-2018 15:10:56

Economic uncertainty doesn't seem to be affecting employers too negatively as levels of vacancies continued to rise throughout February. However, although levels rose, it was at the slowest pace in 12 months which was evident for both permanent and temporary placements. The private sector saw a considerably higher increase in vacancies compared to the public sector, with permanent placements also outstripping contract roles by a mile.

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Skills vs. Cultural Fit: Weighing in on the Hiring Debate

Posted by Megan Barrow on 08-Mar-2018 11:10:27

There is a constant debate between hiring managers when it comes to which holds more importance when recruiting for new team members: skill set or cultural fit. Truthfully, they are both important. However, it is all about assessing your company and role requirements before deciding which is more important to you.

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A Career Change: Where Do You Start?

Posted by Nadine Bramley on 28-Feb-2018 14:40:31

If you have been working within a certain profession or field for a long time and feel like it is time for a change, the idea of taking your career in a whole new direction can be a scary, but an exciting one. You are never too old to change your career, so if you are feeling unfulfilled, you would be surprised how much taking on a new challenge could give you a new lease of life.

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